Things made from cars

Why when something as beautiful as a car comes to the end of its life should it be crushed.
Here are a few examples of how to retire that old motor with dignity.
Things made from cars..

Things made from cars from the cool to the bizzare

Car bed

Beds made from cars

The V8 Hotel is a hotel like no other. This former German airport is the 4 star V8 Hotel. The rooms in this hotel are themed around iconic cars or motoring themes such as Rout66, a workshop and even a carwash.
V8 Hotelaquarium made from car

Aquarium made from a car

Now we’re quite impressed with this car aquarium, complete with its heated water, fish and neons, But what would be even more impressive would be getting your diving gear on and driving the thing.
Just had a great idea for a mobile fresh fish delivery business.pooltable-car

Pool tables made from cars

Ok so these pooltables are not made from old vehicles but all the bodywork of these pooltables are genuine ford mustang pannels, bumpers, lights, grill,Badges alloys and tires.
Oh did we forget to mention it comes with que’s balls and a slate bed. NICE!!
Car Pooltables
Jacket made from a the leather of a car seat

Jackets made from carseats

Not only are these some of the coolest looking leather jackets we have ever seen they are made from the leather car seats of high end vintage classic cars like jaguar, Cadillacs and Lincolns. Unique, one of a kind jacket steeped in motoring history. Who knows who did what on them seats.

Car seat Jackets

Chicken coup made from an old Morris minor Estate.

Hen house car
A shed on wheels
If your not familiar with the Morris Minor heres a a quick guide.
The Morris Minor was a British economy family car that looked like a bit like a VW Beatle but drove like a chicken coup. A fitting end to for this car that is now a chicken coup housing 4 hens.

Even more tings made from cars

Plenty of tings made from cars but most of them are classic cars. When I get a bath made out of a ford focus and a toilet made out of a citroen I will be happy.

Mark Preston
Mark Preston
I have worked in the motor trade in one capacity or another for over 20 years. During the last 20 years I have sold cars, wrote about cars in various magazines, I have been part of two race teams on in the UK and one in Australia. I spend my spare time modifying styling cars.

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